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BuildCircuit.ORG store has been closed until further notice. Message to all the customers:

  • Store reopens from December 1, 2014
  • All the orders have been shipped.
  • We will reply to your emails related to your orders. Contact us


About BuildCircuit: is a webstore for selling electronic kits and components. This webstore is owned and operated by Sagar Sapkota and Anita Gajurel who operate The components of were previously sold from MINIBREAD store has been permanently shut down. Now, we sell components only from this store. Read more...


BuildCircuit Store is operated by Sagar Sapkota and Anita Gajurel who are professional electronic engineers. We have listed only those products that can be managed by two people. We write tutorials, test and design new kits. We know how to troubleshoot and work with the kits we sell. Therefore, we are ready to give technical answers to our customers. In addition, we offer the following:

a. Low shipping cost: Our shipping cost is comparatively lower than other sellers. 

b. Fastest shipping: We ship your orders via First Class International mail, operated by Itella, Posti. Normally, the packages are delivered in EU within 3-10 working days and outside EU within 5 to 15 days. The postal service of Finland is excellent. No packages were lost or damaged during one year of business on You can read more about shipping on shipping policy page.

c. No value added tax(VAT) till December 2014: Currently, our business is too small to register in VAT. If our business grows, we shall register our business in VAT by August 2014 because hope that we will get more orders by then. This is good for our customers because we don't take VAT for the products sold.