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About Us

BuildCircuit.org is dedicated to onsite courses/workshops focused on basic electronics, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

About BuildCircuit

BuildCircuit.org is dedicated to onsite courses/workshops. The workshops are mostly organized by Sagar Sapkota, the founder of BuildCircuit. 

We are currently focused on basic electronics and Arduino related workshops.

We are also selling electronics components via our online store www.buildcircuit.com.au and we are sharing our electronic projects at www.buildcircuit.com.


Arduino Programming
PCB and circuit design

We are located in Blacktown, Sydney, Australia

All the workshops are organized in Sydney, Australia.

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Meet the Instructor

Sagar Sapkota is the main instructor for all the onsite workshops.
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Sagar Sapkota

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Buy electronic components for your projects at www.buildcircuit.com.au. We are top rated seller on Ebay and trusted by thousands of customers in more than 50+ countries. Hundreds of schools and colleges order our kits for teaching electronics and organizing workshops. We are selling various sensors, DIY kits and Arduino related products for professionals and amateurs.

Associated with Universities

BuildCircuit is associated with hundreds of Universities and Schools worldwide. Several schools and colleges organize their electronics workshops using the DIY kits designed by Sagar Sapkota (the instructor of electronics workshops). Our project website www.buildcircuit.com is visited by more than 50000 visitors/month.

Dedicated to training

We have worked hard to execute the workshops in the most effective way. We are collecting resources and preparing several circuits so that we can display those while teaching. For example, if a student makes a simple LED chaser, we would display several other examples of LED chaser to make the concept clear. Students will get a number of projects to test in their home after the workshops.

Online courses (We are working on it)
Onsite Courses

About digital object counter kit: This is one of our best electronics kits. It is being used by hundreds of schools and colleges worldwide for basic electronics workshop. The following image supports this fact.