Current WorkManager and Author at BuildCircuit.COM
Specialist InPCB design and Microcontroller programming


About Sagar Sapkota and his portfolio:

Sagar Sapkota is the founder of and all the associated websites including He has been working in various roles in electronics industry for the last 11 years.

He is currently working as an instructor, engineer and author at BuildCircuit.

He has completed Master's degree in Electronics from the University of Turku, Finland. His most popular kits includes, DIY Arduino, 3 digit digital object counter, ESP8266 test board, FM transmitter, LDR and IR based LED chaser, Cosmarino, etc. Check out all the kits designed by Sagar Sapkota

His kits are used in hundreds of universities and schools worldwide.

He is specialized in PCB design and microcontroller programming.

Sagar is currently operating the following websites:





Sagar is the presenter of a solo electronics exhibition: